The Crusaders From Nazareth
Contact: Falcon

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We all used to be optimistic ...

And on the eighth day God said, "Okay Falcon, you're in charge!"

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Threat Assessment
Falcon (GKG's latest protege) has decided to part ways with his PJL crew from the last tourney (NML '10) and create a team with the MOST random assortment of players ever conceived on myth. I don't know if Headhunter and Ymir have even played in a game together :). Also, the Christian crusade theme seems a curious name choice - (the crusaders killed muslims falcon!). The leadership of this team seems to be an equal opportunity employer since a players from Pakistan, Brazil, and Australia are represented  (high five). Anyways, they have some talent in Falc, Headhunter, Pulv, and Ymir - so they'll beat the lesser skilled teams, and pose a decent challenge to the average teams. The question is whether these guys will be able to mesh together!

*edit: In an exclusive interview with Head Hunter, he revealed the following:
"Ymir, Dae, and I played the TFL demo together. Falcon and I are a good team. Pulv is money. We got this tourney."

Perhaps this squad is not so random afterall!
Match Results
Bye Week 0-0
Team Statistics
QR Pool:Drunken Dwarves
QR Exit Seed:0
QR Diff Avg:0.00
Points Scored:56
Points Allowed:153
Avg Point Diff:-13.86
Team Kills:587
Damage Done:5520
Damage Taken:10464
Frequent Captains
Pulverizer (harasser)W/T/L: 1/0/9Captained: 10Falcon (yousaf100)W/T/L: 0/0/5Captained: 5BIG KROK V8 SS (diecast)W/T/L: 0/0/3Captained: 3